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    Vice Chairman of the Chengdu Overseas Committee Council

    Ms. Poon has a Doctorate Degree of Business Administration and a CHA Certified Hospitality Association from the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Ms Poon has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Ms. Poon has a keen eye for investment in the development and operation of the hotel industry. Apart from her busy work, she prefers sharing her leisure time with family members. Ms Poon is very passionate about travel, and she shares her worldly experiences in the development of her tourism destinations



    Vice Chairman of Shanghai Overseas Youth Federation Committee

    Director of the Chengdu Overseas Committee Council

    Mr. Eric Chung has extensive experiences in the architectural field and hospitality industry. Graduated from Harvard Business School and the University of Melbourne for his Double Bachelors in Architecture, Planning and Design, he is also an esteemed architect in the tourism industry. Mr Chung participates in tourism development of the first resort hote(LGD)l of Regalia Group in 2007, 6 years later, Mr Chung acquires the certification of CHA,and in 2014, he obtains a master’s degree in hotel management from the University of Hong Kong.  Mr Chung has travelled to many countries and regions around the world, he has a passion for journey, discovery, travel, meeting new people and cultures, which remains at the core of his business today and which he wants to share with other people. He believes that passion for excellence flows from top management of the organization.

  • Ms.CareyZhong

    Vice President of Operations in the Regalia Group

    Vice chairman ofChangning district zhoujiaqiao public welfare foundation

    Ms.zhong have been engaged in corporate social responsibility work, she used to be the volunteer of the Indian Ocean tsunami event. Also in abroad and  domestic , such as jiangsu, zhejiang,shanghai and yunnan ,guizhou as well as sichuan ' foundation work for public welfare undertakings, and take care of children with autism, sympathy orphanage cross-species, etc., in terms of helping for poverty alleviation, Mszhong is more active participation, on the plateau, frontier, into the old, footprints all over the country, for impoverished students, difficult people, disabled people, the affected people to send warm.

    Ms. Zhong is responsible for corporate social responsibility, brand development and sustainable development of social and environmental protection in Regalia Group. At the same time, education poverty alleviation has always been the focus of the work, the development of charity and public welfare undertaking.


  • Ms. Jane Cao
    Ms. Jane Cao

    Vice President of Operations in the Regalia Group

    Vice chairman of Suzhou hotel managers' chamber of commerce

    Honorary professor of CGM Chief General Manager

    Vice chairman ofSichuan tourism association education branch

    Ms Cao is the Vice President of Operations in the Regalia Group, adjunct the General Manager of the Grace Hotel Management Company, with about 30-year experience in the hospitality industry. Since joined in the Regalia Group in 2001, Ms. Cao has served as the regional and group hotel management General Manager in succession. She is responsible for the hotel operation management, building the standard policy and process and the hotel performance supervision with a full picture. Ms. Cao graduated from the Northwestern Polytechnic University with an EMBA degree in Global Business Management. She has got the certification of International Professional Manager issued by the International Cooperation Center at the National Development and Reform Commission. Additionally, she is certified by the American Hotel & Lodging Association with the honor of CHA and CHT.

  • Mr. Ken He
    Mr. Ken He

    Vice President of Operations in the Regalia Group

    Representatives of the 13th CPC congress in Chengdu

    Mr. Ken He, Vice President of Regalia Hotel Group, his majored in tourism management, and together with applied psychology degree. He has experience in hotel management for over10 years with outstanding performance. He is on excellent leader among the Regalia Hotel Group management team. He is passionate to meet new challenges and the confidence to change old customs. Under his leadership, the Andaman Village has become a successful model of Regalia Hotel Group, it represents the successful combination between tourism with sports. He is responsible for the Regalia’s new project development and operations.

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